The following are actual thank you notes posted for all:

Because I can't thank you enough, because despite what anyone may think, I'd be in a padded cell now if it weren't for you all, because there would have been no Reunion without you (and what a Reunion it was!), I have to thank these 8 one last time:

Keith "Database Reorganizing Wizard" Robinson
Joe "Behind you all the way, Babe" Bush
Elizabeth "Stick to it!" Stekol Brothwell
Julie "Oversee the Venue, food, photographer..." Oberg Cavanaugh
Nancy  Olson "Reimbursements, Rewrite checks, Receipts!" Rohan
Ann "Mad 'Must Find' Masterlist Maker" Moon Ramser
John "Yes, I can do that!" Young
Keith "Yes, yes, I'll be there, I'll bring that" Yonkers

What a Committee! What a group! 
(What will we do now without the daily barrage of e-mails?)
What a wonderful Reunion, we did together!

Thank you all!
(I think I can safely say, we all got "A's"!:-)

Hello June,  Connie and I cannot thank you enough for the great job 
everyone one did that was involved in putting on this reunion in such a
short amount of time.

Please forward this thanks to all of the other organizers that made
this reunion possible. I know it took a lot of unselfish time and effort
to organize such and event.

The website is great and can't wait to see more pictures.

I guess we will see everyone at the 40th.

Larry & Connie Jordan

Just a note to thank you one last time for making our reunion
happen. I know that you didn't do it single-handedly, but I also
know that you were the one indispensable person without whom it
wouldn't have happened. I got a lot out of it -- actually even
more than I expected. For some reason it meant more to me than the
20th reunion, the only previous one I had been to. Maybe it's the
point at our lives that we're all at -- more comfortable with who
we are, more open to connecting (or reconnecting) with other folks.
Or maybe it's just me. Any way, I had a great time, and enjoyed
some of the smaller events, especially the beach gathering Sunday,
almost as much as the main one.

I know that it took a ton of work to pull this off, not to mention
a good dose of courage. I imagine that you have been heavy on
stress and low on sleep the last few weeks. I hope you feel that
the outcome justified your efforts -- I'm confident that I speak
for many others in saying that it was a truly meaningful and
memorable weekend.

Thanks for cajoling us all into coming. Now I hope you can get
some well-deserved rest.

Best wishes for a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, and thanks


Steve Babb
A quick note to say thank you, thank you for really making the reunion happen for all of us.  It was more than wonderful!  I think each of us came away with full hearts and the inspiration to maintain our renewed connections.  I am deeply grateful!
The highlight for me was to have the following morning with you, Chris and Conni.  I am committed to taking our road trip to see you in the spring and am so happy that we are all back in touch.  I realized after seeing you and Chris that I have been missing having time with good friends and interesting people who aren't necessarily tied to my life as a mother/volunteer/chauffeur or to my profession.  I have always admired your spirit and your devotion to supporting just causes, Junie, and I hope we will have many years of shared memories in the future!
Obviously we missed the beach on Sunday.  The kids had made plans I was unaware of and I had mutiny on my hands . . . .
Have a gorgeous Thanksgiving, my dear.
Bev Andrews Tupy

I would like to thank you for a wonderful 30th reunion. I wish that I
could be more involved in events such as this but I find myself at work most
of the time. My wife and I had a great time and just wanted to extend our
gratitude for the effort you gave in organizing this event. Although I
did not seem to know that many people at the event I was quite comfortable
visiting with Ivy Hall and her Husband. I was also able to rekindle old
friendships with a few other class mates as well. The food was great
and the music was also nice. Everyone there was very pleasant and positive.

Please thank everyone involved in assembling this event. I know that it
took a lot of time and effort. I especially loved the web site and found it
to be quite informative and easy to navigate. The photos are incredible and
well organized with detailed captions. Newport Harbor High molded some great
people in 76. Excellent JOB !!

Robert Ball

Thank you all for all your hard work. I really had a great time at
the reunion. Funny how no one looks any different--it helps that our
eyesight gets worse at the same pace as everything sags!! It seemed like
you were able to enjoy yourself as well! Thank you and please handle the
next one so I know it will be as successful.
Linda Kuhn Ensbury
Hi June,

Now that I'm back & sorta settled in, I wanted to write a note to say a big THANK YOU...

...for everything from spearheading the reunion (I know you had help, there was a committee, blah blah blah, but this was clearly your baby & woulda never happened, much less turned out so great, without your smarts, leadership, energy, don't-take-no-for-an-answer determination & spirit, etc)... applying that very determination to get me to re-think my knee-jerk--
jerk being the operative word--reaction to the reunion date & my trip. As I wrote you, I'd like to think I would've come to my senses without your hounding me or siccing your fellow hounds on me, since I was torn from the get-go & I've somehow convinced myself I'm not a total idiot. But, either way, I appreciated your sincerity & zeal...

...and I had a wonderful time. Even with the added opportunity of Bunker's party, I was surprised & mildly disappointed about the number of people I
didn't end up speaking with--I'm sure if I could've stuck around for the Sunday action, I would've had a chance to chat with a few more folks. Still, I was really glad I got to see and visit with so many people &, as I've said numerous times now (& I'm guessing others felt the same way), the vibe was so much better at this reunion: Nearly all the posturing & weird, desperate behavior of past reunions was gone--I guess we all know who we are now, where we're headed (& where we've been) and are pretty comfortable with it. So that was refreshing & relaxing. Nice.

I hope you had a great time and got to really enjoy yourself. You sure as hell deserved it. It was a nice treat for me to meet your Mom (& the other Moms), and, again, I'm so damn glad I came & got to see you & others.

Small irony: we didn't get as much of a chance to chat as I would've liked, but I hope we'll continue to correspond by e-mail. If we had chatted more, one of the things I would've bent your ear about--only 'cause I think you'd find it genuinely interesting, and much of it dovetails with some of your chief passions--is the organization my Mom created after my Dad died, which reflects their lifelong dedication to public service & education & specifically aims to cultivate a comparable interest in public service (&, often, education) in college students. Now that we're about 10 years in, & have supported about 100 student devised & executed public service projects, I'm blown away anew by my Mom's vision:
The Donald A Strauss Foundation.

Take care, June. And thanks again.
love, Duncan (Strauss)

Dear June,

Thank you so very much for initiating and organizing the reunion event.
I had such a wonderful weekend and continue to replay little clips of
it in my head.

I look forward to a road trip with y'all to see Mrs. Walker.


Katie (Mulroy) Sperring